Te Korowai Trust, based in Whakatū (Nelson), provides free and confidential financial mentoring in the community with qualified advisers with the support of Rata Foundation. Advisers are committed to providing a quality service which will make a positive difference to whānau and will help them to have increased financial capability.

Te Korowai Trust is funded by Ministry of Social Development to provide the ‘Building Financial Capability Plus’ contract. This is an intensive support service for whānau who experience ongoing crises in their lives. Whānau will be supported in building increased financial capability and will also receive a holistic wraparound service for the whole whānau.

Our adviser outcomes include:

  • A comprehensive analysis of problem debt.
  • Help to prioritise outgoings and to prepare a financial plan.
  • Advocacy work with creditors to arrange manageable repayments.
  • Specialist work with No Asset Procedures, Summary Installment Orders, bankruptcy and Kiwisaver hardship withdrawal applications.
  • To give increased confidence to be able to approach government and community agencies and knowing where to go for help.

Advisers motivate and support whānau to become more self-sufficient, confident and to have the ability to manage their own finances.


Moneymates Peer led support is based around the concept of sharing and learning as a group to make long term behaviour change. Groups encourage learning from others, talking about and de-stigmatising financial hardship and to gain control of finances.

Moneymates aims to:

  • build the financial capability of people and communities
  • achieve the outcomes of improved well-being of whanau,
  • improved capabilities and outcomes for tamariki, improved social and economic inclusion,
  • increased confidence,
  • robust financial decision making skills
  • effective management of finances

Moneymates is facilitated through our financial capability mentor